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Why is there nowhere in this god forsaken town to get good falafel

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⛺️🗻Queen of the rock⛺️🗻photo cred: @zacharydraheim #mammoth

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1DFF Summer 2014 Awards - Results!


What a wonderful round of awards we’ve had! There was such a diverse and incredible range of stories, and it’s such a shame we cannot give all the nominees an award. But nevertheless, the public have spoken and these are what you voted for! Also, we’ve also decided to throw in an ‘admins pick’ award for each category, which basically means that a voting form was sent out to all the admins to vote between the remaining stories.

Congratulations to all our winners! And feel free to use your award banner in the summary/author notes/end notes/etc to show off your success! Or if you didn’t win, feel free to show off your nomination with the nomination banner.

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